You only have one chance to make a first impression

…And in this high-tech era, we have become impatiently demanding visual consumers. When it comes to Real Estate, the most effective way to seize a prospective homebuyer’s attention is for your property listing to boast high quality photography. Miss that first chance to make a good impression in a competitive real estate market and the opportunity may be lost forever.

Studies show that most homebuyers search online first to find a home and listings with professional images sell faster and generate higher selling prices.

The most frequent mistake made by property owners in this highly competitive real estate market is not making the photography of their property a priority. Have you ever looked at a listing and wondered how someone could represent such an important asset so poorly? Not only does it reflect the property poorly but it also makes the listing agent look unprofessional.

Common complaints are: not capturing enough of the space but, rather, furniture in the room, poor lighting, blurriness, too few photos, not being able to see what’s beyond the windows.

Why Move In Virtual Tours is superior:

  • Highly Trained Photographers
    Real estate photography is unique in that there are many reference points, such as corner lines, doorways and windows, that if not considered properly, reveal flaws such as lens barrel distortion (curved lines that should be straight) and focal plane misalignment (doorways or windows that are not aligned vertically or horizontally).

    Our photographers have received the highest level of technical training under a seasoned veteran photographer whose career in professional photography has spanned across 3 decades. Our team consists only of photographers who have demonstrated exceptional artistic and technical abilities as well as superior work ethic.

    We employ a very technical process that fuses multiple exposures. This is NOT an HDR process that creates a surreal “radioactive” or “comic book” effect that you may have observed in property photos. Instead we use a method that renders natural shadows and light which results in the most pure and highest “magazine quality” image.
  • Attention to Detail
    Our photographers help create the best result possible by giving you detailed instructions on how to prepare the property prior to the shoot. During the shoot, suggestions may be made to improve outcomes. The best angles and lighting will be considered as well as aesthetic judgement that can only come from an experienced eye.
  • Cutting Edge Equipment
    One reason lay people cannot generate high quality photos is that pictures taken on tablets, phones or point and shoot cameras are not taken with the use of a tripod. It is very difficult to avoid distortion with handheld cameras.  When the camera is in motion, this causes loss of sharpness to the image. Our photographers use tripods 98% of the time.

    We use only DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras along with high end lenses which produces high resolution, professional images.

    Our Matterport 3D Immersive cameras are designed by one of the leading VR companies. This expensive, state-of-the-art equipment and technology creates an interactive experience of the space so real that it allows the viewer to feel they are actually there in person.
  • Multi-Frame Fusion Technique
    One reason photos fail to represent the full range of view that is closest to what the human eye experiences is that camera equipment can only take in one frame at a time whereas the human eye can process the visual data and lighting, allowing for simultaneous focusing and adjustments to incoming light.

    During our editing process, we combine multiple images and utilize professional photography software to create an image that preserves highlights, shadows, color, depth/scale, and details that come as close as possible to viewing the subject with their own eyes.